Our portfolio of traffic controllers

The merging of the two company’s technologies ended in our new generation of traffic controllers series:

The PENTAtraffic controller  PTC 9000
… with technological highlights such as:

  • compliant to all device-specific requirements according to EN 50556
  • reverse compatible to our former controller systems VSZ/M (AVT) and VSA7800 (STOYE)
  • free assignment of all signal groups to the physical canals
  • OCIT-O V1.1 and V2.0, both with the profiles 1, 2 and 3
  • connection to OIVD-compatible workstations of traffic engineers
  • and many more

Both traffic controllers mentioned before and established in the two former companies are still available:

VSZ/M (AVT) traffic controller with OCIT-O V2.0 interface
VSA 7800 (STOYE) traffic controller with OCIT-O V1.1 interface



PENTAtraffic controller 9000: offen und modular Our PENTAtraffic controller 9000 is aligned with all modern traffic technology of the future and also doesn't neglect the former technologies of both companies. Because of the backward compatibility to our traffic controllers AVT VSZ/M and STOYE VSA 7800 it is prepared for all tasks in an [...]