A system for the future – PENTAtraffic traffic computer systems

Since starting the development of the innovative traffic computer concept in 1999 PENTAtraffic’s guiding principle has always been transparency. From the beginning of the OCIT idea AVT STOYE has been shaping this process actively in the ODG and in other OCIT groups.

Consequently built modular, the PENTAtraffic system concept combines the proven knowhow of AVT STOYE in traffic technology with current IT requirements of traffic management. PENTAtraffic implements this features in developing and running modern traffic control centers in a successful way.

PENTAtraffic provides clients with economical system solutions which can be tailored to the individual requirements and its complex issues. Compatible, modular system components form the optimal, economically oriented basis, in particular for ongoing investments. Time periods scheduled for planning and future-proof can be safeguarded by the flexibility of the PENTAtraffic system concept and extended for years.

The modern PENTAtraffic system concept corresponds to the future-oriented needs of operators, traffic engineers and service companies.

Examples of system compositions


PENTAtraffic clover

In the internet era ("the cloud") the importance to access to a traffic computer system with all available devices and from all over the world increases. So with our cloud services we offer you new dimensions because the customer doesn't need any infrastructure by his own. The "traffic management system in the cloud" is our web based service, which can also be tailor-made by the customer. You can get it as a service!