Project Description

PENTAtraffic management system

Nowadays the transition from a classic traffic computer system to a modern traffic management system is fluid.

Our PENTAtraffic city manager is the perfect modular platform to fulfil all tasks of a traffic computer system and furthermore can be extended to a complete traffic management system.

You determine the functionality of your system by yourself.  Both the hardware and the functionality can be scaled and is therefore almost infinitely expandable thanks to the modular design.

Because of the intensive collaboration with  GEVAS software GmbH we can combine their traffic management tools with our PENTAtraffic system in an optimal manner. In the D-A-CH region and in Poland GEVAS software GmbH is considered as a technological leader in the field of traffic management and is the perfect complement to the PENTAtraffic system.

One example of synergy is the integration of the VTanalyzer in our PENTAtraffic cloud services!

Flyer traffic computer systems

Some product views