Project Description

PENTAtraffic city manager

A traffic computer with standard functionality is one option to build a PENTAtraffic product. But “city manager” is just a name – the real amount of functions will be determined by you.

Dynamic and converging traffic flows are characteristical for urban traffic in large cities. The traffic management system PENTAtraffic city manager consolidates all traffic data, processes the data and evaluates it. So the system offers an actual and practical basis for making decisions for the perfect strategic traffic control of a large city – for example in one of these fields:

  • computer based management systems for public traffic
  • computer based management systems for car-park routing systems
  • environmental information system: data about immission, weather or pollution
  • management systems for road works

On the other side the PENTAtraffic city manager is a powerful system to embed geografical information systems which are often used in metropolitan areas.

Other fields of applications are:

  • integration of monitoring cameras or traffic control cameras in our applications
  • forwarding data to other urban or regional management systems
  • forwarding data to information systems for private use
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Some product views