Many components of our development portfolio are derived from the ideas of open-mindedness and standardization.

We have developed our PENTAtraffic system according to our motto “open-mindedness is our strength”.

In 1999, the OCIT[1] interface standard for the ODG[2] and the OCIT groups – both parts of the OCIT initiative – was created at the same time that the PENTAtraffic system was being developed.
The terms PENTAtraffic and OCIT are inseparably linked with each other. AVT STOYE made a decisive contribution towards the success story of this standardization initiative – as a founding member of the ODG.

Today OCIT has become an indispensible feature of modern systems environments!

[1] OCIT – Open Communication Interface for Road Traffic Control Systems

[2] ODG – OCIT Developer Group