Synergy with our five skills

OCIT – integrated

The system concept of PENTAtraffic has considered the OCIT performance features to be integral parts of the overall solution since the early days of the development process. From the outset, this resulted in laying the foundations for an optimal support of all OCIT versions and OCIT interfaces – especially future ones.

Traffic management

PENTAtraffic offers an open and intelligent software platform for exchanging data with other systems. Thus, it is predestined for strategic tasks in traffic management.

Traffic computers

PENTAtraffic has modular, standardized and open network structures.

PENTAtraffic system configurations are performed according to purely functional features. Any individual or overall solution can be generated from the PENTAtraffic control center where everything from pure surveillance to a complex traffic management system is carried out.

Traffic controllers

The traffic controllers of AVT STOYE GmbH with integrated OCIT interfaces offer new dimensions for its use. Thus, there are many additional application areas where the systems can be used.

Traffic technology

PENTAtraffic is open to combining systems from different manufacturers in terms of planning and control. Different control procedures and software for traffic engineers, which are to large extent different from each other, are easy to integrate with each other. Traffic controllers can be supplied by remote.

AVT STOYE programs according to your requirements. Accuracy and security hav top priority in this context. Every control device has to undergo an intensive endurance test before leaving our premises.